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"I had ankle surgery while on active duty years ago. Since then I’ve been trying many different insoles to ease the ankle pain. Since I’ve been using the Kato (Massaging) Insoles I am able to work on my feet longer with little to almost no pain. I still wear lace up steel toe boots to work. I highly recommend the Kato (Massaging) Insoles." -Ed K. Welder

"I had gone through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Neuropathy in my hands and feet were an issue, especially my feet. I had to go up one shoe size. I walked into the military exchange store at McChord field in Feb 2, 2017. I still have the warranty card that’s way I know the exact date. I bought a pair and put them in my shoes on the spot. My feet felt wonderful. I also bought the Willow Balm topical painkiller. I paid with cash for everything. I followed the directions and wash them when I washed my area and bathroom rugs. I still have the original pair. I just ordered three new pair to take advantage of the 20% discount offered for Father’s Day and free shipping for orders over $100.00. I definitely recommend the comforting insoles and the tropical painkiller." -Sallie J. Information Technology

"I LOVE these massaging insoles! They are three years old and still effective. But it's time to reorder some for me and some for my daughter. Thank you for such a great product!" -Stephanie R. Education

"Love these inserts. I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. Pain has practically gone " -Cathy C.W.

"I love the Massaging Insoles and have been using them for 3 years now. Great product. Thank you!" -Judy H. Beauty Industry

"I love this massaging insole! My husband is diabetic and the foot doctor said, keep wearing the insoles, they are improving your foot circulation!" -Cathy H. WA State Nurses Association

"I met Janet at my jobs wellness fair where a perfect stranger blessed me with a pair of Massaging Insoles and arch supports. They truly are a blessing!!! I'm a production technician and I'm on my feet 11 hours a day. I don't know how I ever got through the work nights without them and thanks to the gentleman who showed me kindness, I am going to "pay it forward" and purchase a pair for my co-worker. I would not be surprised if one day all my co-workers are happy because we're all wearing Massaging Insoles. Truly a blessing!!!" -Faelyn A. Production Technician

"Love, love, love the insoles. Anyone walking, standing for anytime should consider purchasing their pair. Well worth the investment. Pain vs comfort? Easy call." -Valerie V-L Lakewood, WA

"I’m on my feet a lot going to lots of my kids’ outdoor activities. My feet feel tired and sore often. I just got a pair of Massaging Insoles from Seattle home show. I put them on immediately for the whole day. My feet feel SO COMFORTABLE and tireless even after 8 hours walking! I’m going to buy another 3 pairs for each of my family members! Thank you for introducing this revolutionary product to me!" -Estella L. Software Program Manager, Washington

"So crazy about this product! Makes my feet and knees feel SO much better!! I'm just "walking on air". So worthwhile! I recommend them daily!!" -Brandy LT

"I had your insoles in all day yesterday on the range, training a bunch of great SWAT Operators. Wow!!! They were fantastic. Thank you!!! I love them!" -Mike O. Tactical Training Professional, Denver, CO

"Good morning! As the booth was being taken down at the recent UW EMS/Trauma Conference, I asked if I could try the insoles. My mind was instantly blown by the feeling of these insoles, so much so I called my colleague over who also tried a pair. We bought them instantly! Thank you for this creation...now I will share with my family and friends! Thank you so much." -Erin D. Healthcare Coalition Program Support Coordinator, Washington

"I bought 2 pairs of Massaging Insoles from you two years ago when I traveled from Germany to Fort Lewis. Those are the best insoles I ever had.... Those were the most comfortable pair of insoles I ever had. I thank you for developing such great product that really works." -Arthur A. U.S. Army

"Life changing! These insoles are the best. I have had foot issues for years and spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to reduce the pain with multiple doctors and therapists without success. I tried my insoles for the first time last week and came home from work and woke up the next morning virtually pain free. I fully recommend these to anyone who has foot/back issues or to anyone who just wants a little extra spring in their step. Amazing!" Jennifer P. Issaquah, WA

"Have you tried these insoles yet? If not, hop to it! This fantastic company is operated by a friendly and helpful proprietor who will get you set up for podiatric comfort in a jiffy. She offers wonderful deals, too. I have residual chronic pain from a car wreck, then had a difficult pregnancy, and can't imagine not having the benefits of these insoles. You need some, too!" Shannon W.

"Hi Janet, I went to our county fair today and I tried my insoles. They fit my sneakers perfectly without cutting and I didn't have any problems while walking around the fair nor did I feel tired or suffer from back aches when I returned home. Thanks so much for sending these to me. I was pleasantly surprised to read I could wear them in sandals or with flip flops." -Paula P. Educator, Buffalo, NY

"I am really enjoying my insoles. So much so, I put them in my work shoes, they move to my walking shoes, and so on. I reckon I will have to take advantage and order a second pair." -Gibran B. at the Seattle Bike Expo 2014, Seattle, WA

"When my feet get tired from standing, it totally affects my mood. I love wearing them in my heels for work, running shoes for exercise, and heels for going out and dancing in! Keeping my feet from getting tired helps me stay awake and full of energy! :)" -Leanne P. Financial Consultant, Bellevue, WA

"As an avid golfer I’m always looking for ways to improve and enjoy the game more. I purchased my first set of insoles from Janet two years ago and they’ve been a big hit! The added comfort they provide have made for many good walks...." -Rob G. Mortgage Advisor, Seattle, WA

"It has been 3 years ago that my husband and I purchase the Massaging Insoles from you at McChord Air Force Base. Can you believe that?! My husband and I have experienced the massaging insoles now for three years and we just love them. It is a pleasant feeling because every time we take a step the insole massages our feet. What a wonderful feeling! We could walk for hours on end and not have our feet ache in pain because of these fabulous massaging insoles it’s like our feet is being treated to a daily SPA." -Maria B. GM Operations Coordinator, Tacoma, WA

"I love them they are the best I have ever had on my feet! Feel good to have them and I work in a warehouse. Best for your job and your back and knees too. Best Ever." -Sean C.

"I recently purchased a pair of Massaging Insoles at the Seattle Women's Show, to see if they would help with an ongoing problem with my foot. I had an accident and broke 4 metatarsus bones in my foot, and the scar tissue has caused nerve damage that makes it painful to walk. I tried the Massaging Insoles and got immediate relief. I even wear them for Zumba classes, which makes it so much more comfortable. I was so happy, I immediately called and ordered a second pair." -Danna S. Seattle, WA

"Since purchasing my insoles in November of 2012 my feet at first felt like they were being massage. Now they are used to the cushions and there are no pains or discomfort. When I am out running my feet feel great, before I could feel them strain from the pressure. And since purchasing the insoles I have had 10 other people start wearing the insoles and they are very pleased with the results. Thank you." -Stan M.

"I love the insoles and wear them in all my shoes. I wear heals to work daily and was having terrible cramping in my feet during the day and night as well as aching feet when I had a lot of walking to do on any particular day. The insoles have minimized the cramping and I can wear any pair of heals comfortably all day without foot pain. I love them so much I've ordered a pair for my husband who's on his feet most of the day." -Deneise K. Portland, OR

"I have been dealing with a bone spur on my heel along with achilles tendonitis for over a year. I have gone through physical therapy, and had orthotics made which made it only worse. I was referred to a surgeon who told me I needed surgery or the bone spur would tear through my achilles tendon. In getting a second opinion (actually the fourth doctor I saw), I was told the surgery doesn't work and to get acupuncture. Needless to say, over the year my pain had gotten worse despite spending thousands of dollars on treatments, doctors, and specialty shoes. It was getting harder to even walk. I came across the massaging insoles at a ski show and right away tried them on. I was so impressed I couldn't believe it! I bought two pair and for the first time I could walk around all day without any pain! I have received five acupuncture treatments and with these insoles, I am a happy person. Too bad I wasted so much time and money before I found these. Thank you so much!" -Cheryl R. Bend, OR

"I would like to thank you for introducing Diane and I to your amazing Massaging Insoles. Both of us had foot and leg discomfort for quite some time. Doctors did their best but the discomfort never completely went away. After meeting you at the fair and trying your product we were amazed at how quickly our foot and leg discomfort just evaporated. We could not believe our good fortune. Thank you again." -Dennis and Diane A. Lacey, WA

"My name is Sgt. R. M.D., I bought a set of your insoles prior to my deployment to Afghanistan. These are by far the best insoles I've ever purchased and I've bought a lot of insoles. Fact of the matter being, these are like a walking massage; countless hours in my field boots and never felt discomfort. I highly recommend this product to anybody who is on their feet a lot. Easy to clean and maintain you can't go wrong with them." -Sgt Robert M.D.

"I’m a nurse and work 12 hours shifts. It only took one day wearing the Massaging Insoles and that was it I called and bought 4 more for my family. The next day at work I made everyone on that day wear them for an hour at a time!" -OMM. Nurse, Seattle, WA

"My husband and I have been wearing the insoles for 2 years, we love, love, love them!!! I have referred many to your booth, or to your e-mail. They are also very satisified with their 'happy feet'. My friend was booked for a cruise and time in NYC last fall. She told me that she may have to cancel, due to her ailing foot. I thought about that statement, then, the brain kicked in! I took my insoles to her, they fit pefectly, had her wear them for 1 week, and then received a call of 'thanks.' She was so, so much improved that the cruise would go ahead as planned. She claims the insoles 'fixed' her feet. I had a hell of a time, getting her to return them to me!!! She did, but brand new ones!" -Susan R.Retired, Ocean Shores, WA


"It was great to meet you at the NW Facilities Trade Show in Tacoma. I bought a pair of the insoles and wore them right away and the rest of the day. What a difference. I have arthritis in my left foot and it was painful to walk and I saw a Doctor and podiatrist for medicine and shoes etc. These insoles have made the difference; the pain is gone and I can walk normally for the 1st time in a long while. For a person that spends hours on their feet and does a lot of walking, these are just the thing! Thank you" -N. Jackman Facilities Manager, Seattle, WA

"I have come to LOVE these fantastic insoles! I wear them when on shift in my Dansko clogs, in my house slippers at home, and even in sandals. I have now bought three pairs as gifts. SO GOOD!" -Kristen R. Nurse

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