Learn About Massaging Insoles(R)

Learn About Massaging Insoles

All Soles are Not Created Equal!

If you've ever tried other insoles and then tried Massaging Insoles, you know that all soles are not created equal. Click on the chart to the right to see the pain relief that our customers experience and continue reading to learn more!


It’s a well-known fact that sore, tired feet make sore, tired bodies. The foot is an incredible structure consisting of delicate bones, an intricate and complex grouping of muscles and tissue, and a myriad of nerve endings, which connect with and impact the rest of the body. These parts are constantly in use and support massive amounts of pressure and shock. It is very important that we protect and care for the feet, which impact on the well-being of our entire body.

Wastes, such as uric acid, lactic acid and calcium deposits often crystallize on the clusters of nerve endings in the soles of the feet. There is a great possibility that these waste materials will cause improper nerve functions and interfere with good blood circulation, thereby causing problems with the feet, and the entire body.

A Survey of Customers

During the months of September and October 2011, a customer survey was conducted to determine the reasons why customers purchased our product, what ailments they suffered from and, most importantly, the % reduction in pain they experienced from wearing our insoles. A random sample of 100 customers participated in this 16 question survey. The respondents received the survey via email and responded likewise. The vast majority of the respondents were 35-74 years of age.

    Customers were asked to identify the reasons why they purchased Massaging Insoles:
  • 42% purchased Massaging Insoles to alleviate pain in the feet.
  • 19% purchased Massaging Insoles to alleviate pain in the knees and back.
  • 22% had other reasons for purchasing the Massaging Insoles, which included a variety of ailments such as: bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, arthritis, hip and foot surgery, pain in the ball of the foot, burning and numbness.

    Feedback included:
  • they were on their feet all day and worked on concrete floors
  • the Massaging Insoles were so comfortable when they tried them on
  • their feet were tired and they wanted to feel better

Customers Experience A Significant Reduction In Pain Due To Wearing Massaging Insoles:

We were pleased to find out that Massaging Insoles provided the average customer a 60% reduction of pain in their feet, and an average of 52% reduction of pain in their knees, back and hips. For those customers who suffer from Neuropathy, they had a 46% reduction in pain. Click on the chart above to see the breakdown.

Survey Summary:

The results of our survey showed that Massaging Insoles greatly reduced the level of pain or discomfort felt by our customers, not just in their feet, but also in their knees, hips and back. Customers, without any significant discomfort, stated that wearing Massaging Insoles still made them feel better, with increased energy, throughout the day.


“Fluid moves in response to pressure, to the area of least resistance and greatest need”. Though this principle of physics is 2500 years old, it still applies. The encased pure glycerin massaging Insole is based on this principle. With each step, the glycerin is moved forward and back to create a constant massage to the bottom of the feet. Pure glycerin is dense in consistency, therefore providing slower movement than other liquids, and creating a deeper massage action, which is much more therapeutic. And Our Massaging Insole stabilizes the heel by controlling excess arch movement and ultimately reducing arch deterioration.


As we age, there is an erosion of the fat pads on the bottom of our feet. Some people begin to lose this padding at an earlier age than others, and some never lose it. When this erosion begins to occur, certain bones in the bottom of the feet become closer to the skin. Our Massaging Insoles provides a replacement padding for the eroded fat pads, and relieve pressure on the bones which are affected. Our Massaging Insoles help considerably in the reduction of pain due to heel spurs, stone bruises, and pain suffered by individuals who spend long hours standing or walking on hard surfaces our Massaging Insoles float the foot, absorbing shock to ankles, heels, knees and lower back.

Shock Absorbers

Our therapeutic Massaging Insoles reduce shock dramatically. Since the Massaging Insoles are directly associated with feet, most people surmise that when we speak of shock reduction, we are speaking about the reduction of shock in the feet. Although this is true, and the shock of the step is absorbed by the insole, the most helpful and effective absorption of shock is in the ankles, knees, hips and lower back. The joints in those areas are subjected to extreme pressure from the total weight of the body landing upon them. Because of the shock absorbing quality of the Massaging Insole, the shock in those areas isn't nearly as great as it would be without them.

We hear quite regularly from people who suffer from arthritis. They tell us about the relief they have received since they began wearing our therapeutic Massaging Insoles. the benefit is that our Massaging Insole will allow the shock to be absorbed by the insole and not by the joints in the ankles, knees, hips, lower back and, of course, the feet.

Letters are also received from people that have suffered from lower back pain for years and have found relief from that pain just by wearing our therapeutic glycerin filled Massaging Insoles. In many cases, the reduction of shock is the reason for this reduction of pain.

When one is walking incorrectly due to foot pain, or pain due to ailments in the joints of the ankles, knees or hips, the reduction of pain by the absorption of shock actually helps the user to actually correct the walk. The pain is often so substantially reduced that the wearer no longer fears walking on the foot in a correct manner, and the result is a more correct walk. A correct walk and an improved posture, due to correction of the walk, helps to realign the area of the lower back.

Fatigue Reduction

People that work on hard-surfaced floors such as concrete or terrazzo or for that matter just plain old vinyl tile, experience enormous fatigue. At the end of an eight-hour shift, most workers leave the job in an exhausted state. They actually hurt all over, especially in their feet and lower body. The resiliency that is provided by our Massaging Insole allows wearers to end their long work shift with much less fatigue. If there is doubt in one's mind as to how effective the Massaging Insoles are, you only have to talk to someone that has forgotten on occasion to wear their insoles. We have had users tell us that they missed them so much that they asked to leave work in order to go home and retrieve them!

Even Distribution of Weight

Since our feet do not distribute our body weight in our shoes, our therapeutic Massaging Insoles do. It is a known fact that liquid seeks its' own level. Because of that fact, the glycerin helps to distribute the body weight on our feet. Our Massaging Insoles actually reduce the temperature inside the shoes and dissipate the heat that is caused by the friction. Since the heat is dissipated and the friction is reduced, our Massaging Insoles also cause a dramatic reduction in perspiration. After a full day of wearing them, our Massaging Insoles are just as dry as they were when the shoes were put on in the morning.

Reduction of Foot Odor

Now that we know that our products greatly reduce perspiration, we must also understand that whatever perspiration remains is prevented from embedding itself in the actual sole of the shoe because the insole is there to prevent it from doing so. Foot odor is caused by shoes, not feet. By eliminating the perspiration that would normally penetrate the actual shoe insole, there is much less chance that bacteria will form in the insole of the shoe.

To understand foot odor, one must understand that each time the shoe is worn, perspiration embeds in the shoe insole. When the shoe is removed from the foot, the perspiration dries. Each time the shoe is worn, there is a repetitive action. As the perspiration builds in the shoe, bacteria will begin to grow in the shoe. Every time the shoe is worn, more perspiration is added and fuels the bacteria growth. Once the bacteria will begin to grow, an odor starts to form too. We then recognize that foot odor is not caused by the foot, but by the shoe. Even if the feet are scrubbed clean immediately prior to donning the shoes, the odor transfers immediately from the shoe to the clean feet and socks. By reducing the perspiration factor, and because our Massaging Insoles are totally washable as are the socks or hose, foot odor is nearly history for those that wear our product.